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I am recognized all over for being the guy with the cowboy hat.                     Here is a picture from my back yard:


I am happy to have been recognized with the following community recognition awards:

VMware vExpert 2012-2017                                                               VMware vExpert NSX 2016/2017

VMware vExpert 2017                                                   VMware vExpert NSX 2017

Dell TechCenter Rockstar 2012-2016

I am involved in supporting businesses with their Data Center Virtualization designs and architectures.

I now hold the following certifications:

  • EC-Council CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)
  • VMware VCP 3
  • VMware VCP 4
  • VMWare VCP 5
  • VMware VCAP-DCA 4
  • VMware VCAP-DCD 4
  • VMware VCAP-DCA 5
  • VMware VCAP-DCD 5
  • Multiple VMware VTSPs & VSPs

I live in the Texas Hill Country outside of San Antonio in a small town called Boerne. It is one of the most mispronounced city names in the country and the computer voices call it Born (as in Jason Bourne) Texas but the locals all call it Burn-ee. However it’s called, we are one of the fastest growing counties in the US.   I currently am employed by Connection (formerly known as PC Connection including (MoreDirect, PC Connection, GovConnection and SoftMart)) as a Senior Solutions Architect covering the datacenter.  My personal focus is Virtualization and Cloud with all sorts of Software-defined thrown in there for fun.  I have a home lab and get to play with multiple Raspberry Pi devices.  My current drink of choice is Bourbon; so, if you want to send me something I would be happy to accept.  I enjoy woodworking when I find the time and the Texas heat isn’t too bad.

These are wild exotic Axis deer. We often have them and the native whitetail along with wild tukeys, ducks and a few foxes and coyotes.

I look forward to working more on my blog and live posting from VMworld and I may have a guests posting while at the @Spousetivities #VMworld events.  Keep your eyes open!

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